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Cryptocurrencies have surpassed the USD 2 Trillion market cap and has emerged as a volatile and heavily tradable asset class


  • With precisions of 76.11% and 70.86% for buy and sell signals respectively, traders can leverage our model as an analysis tool to detect positive morning stars and evening stars with a reasonably high degree of accuracy. 

Automating pattern detection

  • The manual process of detecting signals and technical patters in markets leaves plenty of room for optimisation via the semi-automation of buy and sell signals.

  • Leveraging our solution could reduce analysis man-hours as well as trading overhead for trading houses and retail traders

Accuracy & risk adjusted return

  • Cryptocurrencies have experiences drops and increases of 50% in a day leading to a very high risk of profit swings following the price.

  • Our solution can be leveraged to reduce risk and optimise returns on trading by hedging or switching positions following the detection of a signal.

  • The solution is intended to be used as a complimentary tool to traders for their price analyses.

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